Therapy has both benefits and challenges and here is some that I have encountered within my work: 


  • Increase self- awareness
  • Improve ability to communicate within interpersonal relationships
  • Opportunity to practice new ways of communicating 
  • Uncover your own insights/inner wisdom
  • Space to express oneself in an honest way 
  • Carved out time for YOU to work towards change and acceptance
  • Ability to explore range of emotions in a non-judgmental and safe space
  • Increase energy and zest for life.
  • Let go of ineffective guilt/shame
  • Improve ability to cope with stressors
  • Learn ways to engage in self care 
  • Learn ways to love oneself, develop self compassion,  identify positive self attributes
  • Begin the process of healing from trauma and/or stressful events in life. 
  • Learn and practice ways to set boundaries with others. 
  • Uncover your passion/calling in life is and taking steps to reach it
  • Improve sleep and decrease restlessness


  • Shift in dynamics in relationships 
  • Can bring up painful feelings/experiences that may feel like too much at times
  • Not leaving therapy every time feeling "happy"
  • Take a look into one's internal self and ways of being in world
  • Learn about one's responsibility and role person plays in relation to others
  • Awareness of how schemas/beliefs one has learned/internalized growing up may not be congruent with self now.
  • Family/friends/partners may struggle with adapting to your changing self
  • Building trust & developing rapport with therapist
  • Prior experience in therapy that wasn't positive or not the right fit with fear to try again
  • Being assertive with your therapist of what you like and don't like in therapy.