My fee is $150 per 50 minute session. This fee will be pro-rated for longer sessions. Payment is due at the time of session by check payable to Taryn Manuel or cash. I also use IVY PAY which is a credit card processing system that is HIPPA compliant which we can further discuss.

Cancellation Policy for Private Pay and Insurance. 

I require a 48 hour cancellation policy which means you will be required to pay the whole fee if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance. I have this policy in place because I hold this time for you unless otherwise agreed upon.  We can further discuss my policy during our initial session. Those covered through insurance are required to pay me the full amount as covered by insurance if cancelling less than 48 hours. Insurance companies do not cover no shows/late cancels.


I am currently not taking anymore clients through insurance companies. I can provide you with a statement of services aka “superbill” to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement. If interested please contact your provider and inquire about out of network providers, fee to be paid, and what is needed on the superbill(cpt codes. /fee charged ect).

Frequency of Therapy/Length of Time

This is on a case by case basis. I do believe meeting at least one time per week best facilitates the therapeutic process to build rapport, collaborate on goals, and to generate change. This is a space just for you weekly to unpack what might be blossoming or holding you back in life.

At times meeting more than once a week can be helpful. We can discuss your needs and whether meeting more than once per week is beneficial. We will agree upon a mutual time and that will be your time weekly unless pre-arranged.

Individual and family sessions generally last at least 50 minutes and can extend if arrangements are made and will be pro-rated.