Individual therapy 

I help support individuals acknowledge and embrace their internal strengths, inspire hope, and provide psycho-education around coping strategies, mental health needs, and paths to facilitate positive change.  I respect each client’s personality, cultural background, and unique way of learning.  Expressive arts media, humor, and talk therapy is utilized. I collaborate with people I work with on goals they would like to achieve. A space of trust and honest communication is cultivated. I believe in collaborating and empowering my clients to become active participants in their lives and learn strategies to advocate for themselves.


 I have experience providing therapy in elementary, middle, and high schools within the Bay Area. I have a passion for working with adolescents and children. I use a range of modalities with youth including expressive arts, child-centered play therapy, humor, game playing, and talk therapy. My work with youth is informed by both my experience in schools and caring for children as a nanny with a range of families.My main goal with youth is to build trust, meet them where they are at, and encourage them to embrace their strengths. 



I am passionate about providing family services. It is my belief that growth in therapy can happen on a systemic level and instill concrete change within the family unit. I have provided weekly and bi-monthly family therapy for a range of families addressing needs including enhancing more effective communication, exploring ways to begin healing from trauma, and learning ways to begin fostering a secure attachment with one another. I am skillful with case-advocacy and linking families to necessary resources. I have a passion to facilitate more psycho-educational support groups for caregivers. 

Group Therapy

I have four years of experience facilitating group therapy sessions and have a passion, awareness, and respect for group dynamics. I developed and conducted numerous group sessions for children, adolescents and teens of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I have run a psycho educational group for parents on mental health issues.  I have led weekly therapeutic counseling sessions to groups of children and adolescents, and facilitated process groups for clients as part of a 6-week therapeutic summer program. I have interest in providing support groups for adults and adolescents. 




I have interest in providing therapy to a range of partners/couples including people in heterosexual relationships, same sex couples, monogamous, and alternative relationships: non-monogamous, Kink community, open, polyamorous, or other non-traditional relationships.  I hope to support people increase self-awareness within relationships , understand the role family dynamics/history plays in relation to others, develop strategies to assertively communicate during challenging times, and learn ways to set appropriate boundaries. I also believe in the power of gratitude and impact it can make with partners.