Individual therapy 

In my work with individuals, I always respect and honor each client’s personality, cultural background, and unique way of learning. It is my goal to create a safe container inside which you feel free to sit with and move through tough emotions, memories, and experiences. 

In our sessions I will help you:

  • Acknowledge and embrace internal strengths

  • Inspire hope 

  • Provide psycho-education around coping strategies, mental health needs, and paths to facilitate positive change

  • Goal setting and achievement

  • Release fear around vulnerability and anger

  • Process and heal from trauma

  • Unravel old patterns that impede positive growth

  • Heal from breakups

  • Learn tools to improve self-advocacy

Over time we will develop strong coping methods for you to use in your life. You will learn how to stand confidently inside of your truth. You will have the opportunity to express whatever you feel you have to hold in silence in the world.

Some tools I utilize:

  • Talk Therapy

  • Expressive Arts Media

  • Role-Playing

  • Humor

The space we share in session is always a space of trust and honest communication. I believe in collaboration - we are in this together. Individual therapy is an opportunity for you to become more empowered to live a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Photo by  IIONA VIRGIN  on  Unsplash


I struggled a lot in middle school (as so many of us did). Because of my experiences both in school and as a nanny with a diverse range of families, it is important to me to provide adolescents with support as they move through this delicate time of development.

I have experience providing therapy in elementary, middle, and high schools within the Bay Area. My work with youth is friendly, open, and fun. The environment I create helps them feel safe to truly be themselves. 

My main goal with youth is to encourage them to embrace their strengths. My focus is on building trust, developing a strong connection, and always seeking to meet them where they are at

Photo by  Leo Rivas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

I help youth with:

  • Triggers and Hot Buttons

  • Anger

  • Trauma

  • Identity and Self-Expression

  • Communication

  • Sibling Dynamics

    and more

I use a range of modalities with youth including (but not limited to): 

  • Expressive Arts

  • Child-Centered Play Therapy

  • Humor

  • Game Playing

  • Talk Therapy

If, after a time spent with just the child, it would be helpful to bring the family in for family therapy, that is possible. I also work with siblings to promote stronger bonds, and strengthen communication for a more harmonious experience of life.


Families are complex. As each individual seeks happiness both inside and outside of the family dynamic, it can be difficult to balance all the different needs and personalities. Communication is so important, yet many families struggle to truly see, hear, and understand each other. 

Without even realizing it families can play out intergenerational patterns and systems that harm rather than heal each member and the family as a whole. In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be hard to recognize, let alone change these patterns without help and guidance.

My belief in and passion for the family unit has led me to develop a strong family therapy practice. My aim is to instill concrete change within the family unit in order to create a new foundation based in positivity, support, and acceptance.

I can help families address such needs as:

  • Effective Communication

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Cultivating Secure, Healthy Attachments with One Another

In addition to weekly or bi-weekly family therapy, I am skillful with case-advocacy and linking families to necessary resources. I am also driven to facilitate more psycho-educational support groups for caregivers. 

The family is the starting point of community in a child’s life, and acts as the focal point for development and growth for each member. I am here to ensure that you have a space to navigate through whatever may be in the way of a happy family dynamic.

Group Therapy

I have years of experience facilitating group therapy sessions and have a deep respect for group dynamics. Group therapy is a way for participants to derive a sense of community, to be seen, heard, and to realize that they are not alone. 

Group therapy in addition to individual or family therapy can supercharge the healing process.

Some of the groups I have created are:

  • Adolescent groups of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds

  • Psycho-educational group for parents on mental health issues

  • Group talk therapy for children

  • 6-week process groups as part of a summer program

In addition, I seek to create these groups in the future:

  • Art Therapy for Teens

  • Cigarette Smoking Cessation Group

  • Breakup Healing and Support Group

Group therapy provides connection. It deepens insight. It helps participants not to feel so alone in the world. Contact me with inquiries about the current group therapy offerings.


 Want to strengthen your connection with your partner? Improve communication? Take your relationship to the next level? Move through trauma that may be holding your relationship back? Develop a deeper sense of intimacy?

I have a vested interest in providing therapy for a range of couples such as:

  • Same-Sex Couples

  • Heterosexual Couples

  • Monogamous Partnerships

  • Non-Traditional Partnerships (polyamorous, kink, open, etc.)

  • Partners in Transition

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Some of the help I can provide:

  • Increased self-awareness within relationship

  • Increased understanding of the role of family dynamics/history plays in partnership

  • Develop strategies to assertively communicate during challenging times

  • Boundary-setting and unraveling codependency


I value partnership and authentic relating. I provide you with tools, strategies, and space to maneuver through multiple layers of your partnership so that you can emerge a stronger, healthier couple.